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Growth in 2019? Look at US Housing Values

As the end of 2018 soon closes, all eyes are turning to the prospects for economic growth in 2019. As seemingly always, growth comes from the US housing market or results in reinvestment in the US housing market. In either case, we see growth in or through the US housing market. People make more and […]

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Recession in 2019 or 2020? Yield Curve Might Say So!

By now, you have probably heard that the yield curve has got flatten and will likely invert in 2019. What does this mean? Specifically, economists and investors look at the yield of the 10 year treasury note and subtract that rate from that of the 2 year treasury note. Rationally, investors want higher rates for […]

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Success Lessons from Digital Leaders and Their Followers

There is an open debate among economists and business leaders on why digitization leads to a near winner take-all business model. We see the dominance of one search tool in Google and Netflix over other movie providers. In decades past, it was common to have a movie theater in each community and local bakers everywhere. […]

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CRaP at Amazon and Advice for Amazon Sellers

Amazon recently made the news by publicly announcing that it is targeting hard to sell items, so called Can’t Realize a Profit (CRaP) for removal from its all-powerful sales channel.  Such items are believed to be those that have a low revenue for the cost to ship. Essentially, the shipping costs outdoes the contribution margin […]

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Telling Maps of America

I enjoy maps. Each tells a complex story. Here are some of my favorites to reveal realities about our country, its economy, people, prospects and nuances. Not much commentary from me. I’m letting the maps speak. Enjoy!     Professor Walker provides keynote talks, seminars presentations, executive training programs, and executive briefings. Click here to […]

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How SparkBeyond Is Using AI To Ask The Right Questions

By Benjamin Ross Six years ago, Sagie Davidovich and Ron Karidi wanted to see if they could find a way to harness all of humanity’s collective intelligence using artificial intelligence (AI). Now, their co-founded startup, SparkBeyond, is making waves in AI, using their platform to ask the questions about data we’ve never thought of asking […]

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