10 Most in demand jobs for the future (2025) & jobs that have no future – How to avoid unemployment

Most in demand jobs for the future// Having been an advisor to ministries of education and governments across 30+ countries in Europe, I usually get asked about this quite often – What are the most in demand jobs for the future? What should I learn to be successful? How to prepare for the work of the future? Will my job become obsolete? How to avoid unemployment?

And so, today, because the World Economic Forum has recently published a great set of resources and research on the jobs of the future, I decided to speak about what WEF see as the most in demand jobs for the future. They will help you land the highest paying jobs and most often, be able to make money online.

We cover not only data entry jobs from home, but also artificial intelligence, automation and much more.

So if you want to be a successful freelancer and start an online business, these 10 most in demand jobs for the future will be a great set to look into.

Excited about today’s video? Me too 😀

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