With a shortage of top paying careers many unemployed Professionals are facing additional challenges. Applying for jobs you are obviously over qualified for can be frustrating. The challenge is not whether you can do the job. The problem is that employers are reluctant to hire an over qualified candidate for fear you will leave the company once a better job opportunity develops. I cannot support this level of thinking on the part of some employers. So as a qualified candidate what three things should you do when faced with this challenge?

1. Show Value. Without question you have the required skills and experience to do the job. You should present a value proposition statement as part of your resume that spells out exactly what value you offer the company. With competition taking market share and revenue from the employer they are looking for results from their new hire. Share your past experience and the results you delivered to the bottom line. Value should not always be viewed as sales results. You can bring value by how you managed others, being part of a top-notch customer service team or a key administrative team player who helped improve efficiencies or reduced operating costs.

2. Future leadership. Let’s face it. All companies are struggling with how to retain their top employees. What I do know is that those companies who have exploited top talent during this economic recession have every reason to be concerned about employees quitting for a better opportunity. But for well-managed companies they will see the value that you bring immediately and look for ways to retain you as an employee. Because of your skills and experience you represent future leadership for the company. During the interview you want to be sure you mention that your long-term goals are to bring your experience to the company for future leadership opportunities. This will address the company’s concern about you leaving in the near future. This will also be a great time for the company to reward you with increased compensation to make up for the lower pay you started with.

3. Apply for jobs that represent career progression. Let’s face it; it is not motivating or encouraging to apply for jobs you know you are over qualified for only to be passed over for a less qualified candidate. Since companies are looking for ways to keep cost down and hire the best candidates you should try this approach. Begin applying for positions that represent the next step in your career progression. This is a win-win for you and the company. They can hire an employee who has been trained and groomed for the new job. They also have the option of starting you off at the lower end of the position’s salary band. Many candidates are reporting that this approach allows for them to really sell their skills for the new job as well as offers the prospective employer a great choice for a future employee.

If an employee can help a company grow revenue and improve service to their clients this should be their primary goal. It is extremely competitive for companies who are looking to grow or sustain their market share or service. As a qualified candidate you offer them an immediate solution to their challenge.

Source by Gregory Ikner