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The employee experience has never been a more important component to business success than it is today. 

As part of nurturing a healthy environment for workers, diversity, equity and inclusion policies have gone from a nice gesture to an absolute must for longevity. 

According to a new survey from, despite the strides made in DE&I efforts, 49% of job seekers reported experiencing discrimination while being recruited.    

According to the findings, discrimination largely impacted 18 to 24-year-olds, which the report cited is due to an “increased consciousness of issues related to race, gender and other potential factors…”   

Additionally, 55% of respondents stated experiencing discrimination when starting a new job, while 59% reported witnessing it.    

“While it’s distressing to note that more than half of surveyed employees have experienced discrimination at work, stronger diversity and inclusion policies can create better experiences for everyone while allowing companies to retain their team members in a healthier, happier working environment,” said Nadia Vatalidis, Vice President of People at Remote.   

Enacting change begins with leaders taking accountability and enforcing policies that support DEI in the workplace.  

From there, companies will be responsible for enacting other policies that contribute to a diverse environment, including flexibility, acknowledgement of other cultures and religions, having diverse leaders and ensuring pay equity. 

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