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Tech marketing company Codeword has taken its artificial intelligence use to the next level. 

Instead of hiring college students, the company is relying on AI to fill in intern roles, which typically involve repetitive tasks. These digital interns named themselves Aiko and Aiden and will aid teams on editorial content, graphic design and research. 

“It’s an opportunity to streamline internal processes by eliminating necessary but mind-numbing and time-consuming tasks — or at least to pass them off onto emotionless interns who can’t get bored,” said Terrence Doyle, senior editor at Codeword. 

Although this technology is initially being used for menial tasks, some professionals have expressed concern about AI’s role in the future of work. Could more companies turn to AI to save money and replace salaried jobs?  

As of now, the consensus is no. AI is still in its early stages and requires human support to be thorough. However, as this technology becomes more advanced, workers may be forced to upskill in order to remain valuable to a company’s operations. 

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