Work Life Balance: What does that mean exactly, 50% of your time spent at work 50% spent at play? Would that be a good work life balance?

I think we have to realise that for everyone this balance is different. Parents or carers can struggle to find their place in the working environment. People who have big responsibilities outside their employment sometimes feel they don’t fit in or are not made to feel part of the team.

The common myth that part-time workers don’t work as hard as full-time employees is partly to blame for the difficulties people can find getting back into the workplace. Is this true? This will depend on how well flexible working is managed within the business. Managed well a team can flourish; managed badly working relationships can be destroyed and instead of achieving the goal these problems can hinder productivity and profit.

Communication is the most important aspect of managing flexibility in the workplace. You must ensure that part-time staff are included in any consultation about change in their working environment. It can be intimidating if changes are implemented and the handover has not been complete. This can make staff feel undervalued and excluded.

These difficult climes mean that it is more important than ever to have great staff, it does not matter whether those staff work 35 or 21 hours a week; what is important is the work they achieve in their office hours.

Part-time staff tend to be more conscious of the time they have, they set goals for their working day and aim to achieve them. They do not always have the luxury of holding off until tomorrow or “doing it later”; this can make them a great asset to your team.

When offering flexibility within your workplace you must ensure you communicate not only to the member of staff involved but also to the team they work with. A lack of understanding can breed resentment and can not only make life difficult for the employee but also for the business.

Flexibility does not always have to come in the form of a part-time contract but could also apply to allowing staff a longer lunch or working from home. There are many prominent events in 2012 as it is a busy sporting year and also the year of the Jubilee.

This may mean that your employees want to take holidays to watch specific games or sporting events or they may have parental duties with the school closures. This can make it difficult to manage the business and again communication is key.

Juggling the effect on morale as well as ensuring the business runs smoothly can be complicated but however efficient and well managed communication can make for a better working environment for both employer and employee alike.

It is worth investing time in your HR Strategy this will not only improve working relationships but also could increase your profit and productivity.

Source by Arlene Frater