Prior to 2020, the ideal workplace may have been a fully-equipped, one-stop-shop for all your needs. Whether it was an on-site gym or a stocked pantry, the idea of essentially having a home in your office was once highly sought after.

However, the idea of the future of work in 2021 paints a different picture. Now, the workplace seems to be about distributed teams, flexibility and freedom from the constraints of the office.

This does not necessarily mean the office is obsolete, but it does indicate that there is a growing desire for a digital workplace.

Moving towards a digital workforce means employers will need to have a solid foundation before deep-diving into this modern way of operating. This will include the need for technological infrastructure that makes working together when apart possible.

Having a single place for employees to virtually go to is ideal in this scenario. Whether a manager is holding a team meeting, or an employee is having connectivity issues, companies need to think through every single aspect of work that can be easily accessed in one location.

Instead of using a variety of tools, such as separate apps for chatting and file-sharing, companies need to create a digital headquarters for everything. 

This will require three steps: organizing a collaboration hub for each team and department, implementing guidelines for where announcements and meetings belong and then creating frictionless integration between the digital headquarters and all other digital tools.

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