Saturday, June 25, 2022
Job Interviews By Mike Barrett and Patrick Barrett, Test Prep and Admissions Experts and Auth Download from Itunes
Do a quick follow up with the employer by learning how to write an email interview thank you letter. Typically, only about 5% of those looking for a job send out thank you letters. Be one of the few and get a second interview or land the job.The key...
Abilities, Opportunities, and the Future of Work By AOFOW Download from Itunes
How often do you walk around your house or sit in your office and think to yourself, “if only this mess was cleaned up, my mind would be clear and I’d be able to be productive”? This is the barrier you’re facing, you tell yourself. “If I had a...
Worship In The Workplace By Bernice D. Cooper Download from Itunes
Learning on the Job: A Podcast for Moms By Cora DeLuca and Sharon Murphy Download from Itunes
In this article, I will introduce concepts and principles that are crucial to obtaining a successful work and life balance. Research has shown that there are many advantages both for business and families when a work-life balance is established.Work-life balance advantages: employees A good work-life balance can enable employees to...
Empowering the Future of Work By InTechIdeas Download from Itunes
Human-friendly Workplace By Small Improvements Download from Itunes
Mind On The Job By Dr Ben Searle Download from Itunes