Hybrid work models are becoming a mainstay. The combination of both remote and in-office policies aims to accommodate various work styles and provide employees with the perks of both arrangements.

However, companies may be tempted to return to their pre-pandemic office strategies despite new needs for their employees. Instead, organizations need to take this time to apply the lessons from over the past year, and incorporate practices so workers can be better supported.

According to Rick D’Amato, design director of workplace at LPA Design Studios, companies will need a more fluid approach to their office arrangements.

“Giving employees the freedom to choose an optimal workspace for any given task results in immense user satisfaction,” said D’Amato. “This is an important lesson we’ve learned from the pandemic and it’s critical that companies take advantage of it.”

The return to the pre-pandemic office isn’t the only misstep companies are taking — D’Amato added that some businesses are even reducing their office footprint too quickly. In fact, he believes that companies adopting a hybrid work model will need to grow their shared spaces and common areas.

Because the office will become an environment geared towards collaboration, companies will need to listen to their employees about what they need from the workplace and make the necessary changes to create the ideal atmosphere for them.

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