A new survey from the Partnership for New York City has found that 62% of companies predict that their workers will return to the office in September.

This is an increase of 17 percentage points compared to a survey from March. However, the report also finds that 1 in 3 Manhattan professionals will not be returning to the workplace. Additionally, 62% of those who will be back will only do so for three days each week.

The survey states that the ramped up distribution of vaccines is leading employers to feel more confident about bringing workers back to the office. In fact, almost half of New York state’s population has received both doses of the vaccine so far.

Still, companies realize that there will still need to be adjustments to the post-pandemic workplace, starting with hybrid policies. The survey found that 71% of employers will adopt a rotating office schedule, and of those using a hybrid model 62% will require workers to be in the office three days a week.

However, many workers still do not have the desire to return to the office by September. In fact, another survey revealed that 39% of respondents said they would think about quitting their job if they did not have remote work options in the future.

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