The global health crisis has undoubtedly shaped how the workplace will look and function now and in the future. New York-based design experts explained what they envision for the future of workspaces to Commercial Property Executive.

Probably the most notable trend has been the hybrid work concept, allowing employees the ability to work remotely and in the office. However, tenants are still juggling with how to execute this concept appropriately.

According to Robert Finger, founding partner at Fogarty Finger, residential amenities will be more prevalent in commercial interiors, and communal workspaces will start popping up in multifamily residential projects.

Additionally, the mental and physical health of workers has become a focus due to workers spending an unprecedented amount of time isolated in their homes over the past year.

That’s why the transition back into the office will need to be planned strategically, with leaders incorporating wellness amenities in the office to help make this shift seamless.

“We’re likely to see more in-office areas for meditation and mindful eating, which is part of the benefits that have come out of the pandemic,” said Elisabeth Post-Marner, principal at Spacesmith. “People are more aware of the need to balance their work and personal lives, including working in a healthier in-office environment.”

Other wellness-driven amenities will include natural lighting, air purifying systems, biophilic design, touchless technology and various other elements that have been proven to improve physical and mental health.

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