The question of how to handle working in a multi cultural environment, how to handle conflict issues regarding diversity as well as how to communicate effectively with a diverse group in which you are not accustom lies in essential communication internally. Many cultures have different points of view, and translate meanings and objectives differently.

There are HR Firms that are available for coaching to organizations and develop diversity further. Prior to looking into such a service if the company cannot benefit from their own internal application to diversity progression. I would recommend this source as an alternative to holding orientations and providing support from counseling. The second main issue that should be addressed is the communication to clientele of utilization to outside sources.

This type of program teaches us that we are all united as one under the same company. It gives us a chance to learn of different ethnicities and to take pride in the fact that we respect and admire other countries enough to share our business opportunities with them. However, the main problem with this is that many people will call and complain that we are using other sources. Once the outsourcing began, communications were sent with payment statements to let borrowers be aware of this type of business practice. However, there has not been any follow up on this. The result of this is that we are receiving numerous complaints.

This will alleviate the concerns from those who are against this by simply giving them a choice if they want to be a part of an organization that is growing with the times and recognizing strengths in other cultures and environments. Yes we would lose some business from this, but honestly do we want business that does not have respect for other nations or races?

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