The ways that will turn diversity management to reality and vital image are the following: need to be redefined, psychologically reviewed, properly corrected and particularized from general acceptation of affirmative action, accurately and thoroughly planned to be successfully involved in practice and qualitatively and regularly monitored.

However, ‘Celebrating diversity’ is not such popular at the work place as it might be seen. For example, a few researches which were conducted among diversity work teams have shown the negative attitude toward people with ‘other skin’. Most questions of these researches were aimed to find out the degree of diversity reception and they were asked to white males and females and also minorities with the comparison between dominant and minority groups and within each group. The answers demonstrated that only about half white males and females can evaluate the diversity management as effective way to get benefit for the company and the staff. Just one third white males assume the existence of discrimination. Comparing with minority groups’ answers which demonstrated the readiness of the most employees to get benefit from diversity management and considerable agreement with existing discrimination. Such difference occurred after participating in diversity trainings that allows assessing the teaching results as negative and contradictory to the expected ones.

Active minorities’ involvement in trainings and focus on white dominance only emphasized the difference and created the social conflict between two groups. Such conflict consequences have been mentioned by many diversity researchers who understand the diversity trainings defects as the fundamental cause of the wrong attitude to diversity.

Such great failures in diversity management are primarily caused by the negative rather than positive statement regarding diversity: the more problems in diversity management were presented the deeper and more obvious they became afterwards. Stating the problem means proving its existence even if it has not existed before! Managers who ask employees: Are you OK working with African-American (white etc.)? – make the employees start thinking about their African-American (white etc.)like somebody different.

To teach and to be able to do are two rather different thingsComputer Technology Articles, and diversity managers will have to work 24 hours per day and present their work teams which are really appreciated for the diversity groups of co-workers.