How to be the Next Champion Leader even if You Think You’re Not “Ready”?

Blog Post updated. First published in December 15, 2018

With over 16 years of experience in the BPO (Business Process Operations), I have had my fair share of applications, rejections and promotions.

And I wish I knew then how to better prepare myself in those situations because looking back, I definitely feel like I could’ve done so much better had I anticipated and had been better prepared for those roles I was applying for.

 So here are some thoughts that I’d like to share that I wish I knew then.

How to be promoted

1. Do a great job on your current role.

 I know this may sound counter-intuitive because you would like to apply for a new position with better salary and role etc. so why do a good job on the current role then?

It’s important to do a good job because of 2 things. 

  • It shows your diligence and discipline as a person and professional.

As a future leader, it’s important that you are reliable as this is a critical attribute that makes a Champion leader.

Your boss is going to look for clues that will help them decide if you have the potential to be a good leader and they will start with this attribute.

Reliability in the BPO is crucial as the work is most of the time in “real time” which means that work has to be processed as soon as the work is received.

If you want to get promoted, your boss should see certain attributes that make you the best person for the job

Showing that you have diligence and discipline will help them see that you are reliable.

Team Engagement Facts:

“Companies with engaged employees see 233% greater customer loyalty and a 26% greater annual increase in revenue” – Aberdeen

Team Engagement is a MUST to survive in the workplace. 




If you have attendance issues or always late, then this is a major problem. The work will not wait for you to waltz in.

As a future Champion leader, you need to show that you are disciplined to come to work everyday and ready to take on the task.

 If your bosses have to worry if you will come in for the day or not, then this is a major red flag for them in considering you for the post. 

  • You are committed to your personal success

With the interviews I’ve conducted over the years, I often ask about what contributions the applicant has given to the account/company that they are in.

And sometimes, there were applicants who would say that they really couldn’t do much so they “hope” that the next level/role will help them become successful.

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This is a serious red flag for me because the person is waiting for a position before going above and beyond expectation. 

Not everyone can get promoted but almost always, the person who is waiting for the position to be handed to them, never really gets on the list of potential candidates.

Contribute as much as you can in your current role. 

There is always something that can be done better so don’t wait for the role to be given to you to make a difference.

This shows the bosses emotional maturity and genuine willingness to succeed that will not be hard to miss. 

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2. Be open to feedback, no matter how bitter it is to swallow.

Champion leaders take feedback regardless of the approach. This sets them apart from regular managers.

Oftentimes, if the approach was too rough or  said in passing, managers tend to not take it too seriously.

Over the years, I’ve realized that while it’s important how the message was delivered, there is wisdom in stripping off all the BS and just getting to the meat of the feedback.

Champion leaders know the difference of constructive feedback and offensive comments. 

The key is truly being open to learning what the difference is so you can really understand the true message of the feedback.

They say it’s not what you say but how you say it. I don’t agree. At least not professionally.  Communication skills take years to develop.

How to say your message the right way will require a lot of trial and error because we deal with people. And people are not the same.

Approach on a message can be done in so many ways and sometimes the approach and message don’t jive.

This is when a manager just won’t accept the feedback.

Champion leaders know that the approach is important but not as important as the message behind it.

Some managers get caught up on how the feedback was said even if the message is warranted.

These managers wallow in misery on how hurtful the feedback was. This is where champion leaders set aside the approach and just zero in on the message.

They seek to understand the real meat of the message and set aside their feelings to truly move on. They immediately start to work on themselves especially when there are clear opportunities they need to work on.

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3. Partner! Partner! Partner!

I’ve observed exceptional leaders in my 16 years of experience in the business process industry and have noticed that the best ones are all great partners. 

For a partnership to work, you should be willing to trust your colleagues wholeheartedly.

And while trust takes time to build, it’s best to start with yourself.

Genuine partnership begins with you and I say this because you have to be able to trust yourself and your abilities before you can work with people.

Partnership is a give and take process and champion leaders know the value of having a great partnership with colleagues.

They know that without partnership, projects don’t run smoothly, conflict often happens and ultimately, nothing gets done.

Being a good partner at work starts with building relationships around you.

Being genuinely nice to your boss and colleagues go a long way.

It also builds up your confidence, emotional maturity and understanding of different personalities.

These are crucial attributes that a leader must have and are proven to be key ingredients in becoming the next Champion Leader.

Being a Champion Leader is achievable.

And while you may think that you are “Not Ready” yet, these 3 powerful tips will surely help you become ready and eventually be one.

 Stay the course, don’t give up. As my husband always says, “Champions never hesitate”


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