Employee Wellbeing Platform Gympass Surpasses 250 Million check-ins


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    What’s going on:  

    The demand for workplace wellbeing has created a surge in interest for Gympass — the world’s largest employee wellbeing platform. The company has now clocked 250 million check-ins to their expansive network of 50,000+ partners delivering physical and mental health services.   

    Why it matters:  

    Gympass‘ new check-in milestone comes just 18 months after it reached 100 million total check-ins; this showcases an astounding 10x acceleration compared to the first nine years.  

    This massive growth is a result of the perfect storm of multiple factors in the future of work coming together. 

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    The focus on employee wellbeing is no longer seen as just an extra benefit; it’s now being prioritized for its tangible financial benefits. This has given Gympass a tremendous boost, leading to a 44% surge in corporate clients in 2022 compared to 2021, such as Citizens Bank, SeatGeek and University of Phoenix. 

    How it’ll impact the future:  

    Despite financial difficulties, businesses have come to understand that employee wellbeing doesn’t just have a positive influence on retention, satisfaction, productivity, and profits; it also aids in minimizing healthcare expenses. 

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