A new study from WeWork and Workplace Intelligence has found that 64% of employees would pay to have access to office space, while 75% say they would give up one benefit in exchange to choose their own work environment.

As the post-pandemic workplace seems to be within reach for some parts of the world, companies are finding ways to keep employees engaged at work by providing them a “third space” to work out of, aside from the traditional office and their homes.

According to the study, both employees and C-level executives have expressed wanting a hybrid model so much that they would offer a significant financial investment to ensure the transition to this arrangement is seamless.

Employees have stated that they want to spend 36% of their time at their employer’s headquarters, 30% working from home and 34% of time in satellite offices or other “third spaces.”

On the other hand, C-suite executives said they would prefer employees to spend 53% of the time in the office and 47% of the time working from home or another location.

In addition to the desire for hybrid arrangements, 76% of C-suite respondents said they are likely to provide employees with a stipend to work from home or in a coworking space.

“Moving forward, employees and companies will need to adopt flexible solutions that support hybrid working styles in order to keep employees engaged and satisfied,” said Sandeep Mathrani, CEO of WeWork. “As the results show, hybrid is the way of the future.”

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