Employers should explain their monitoring policies to workers


The number of companies monitoring their employees is growing. According to a Gartner survey, more than 22 percent of employees use employee movement data, while 17 percent of them are monitoring computer usage. With companies choosing to monitor employees, privacy laws are also catching up, and thus there is a need for explaining employee monitoring to prospective hires. Employee monitoring is defined as the use of monitoring devices and methods by companies to learn about their employees’ workplace behaviours and performance.

This makes it easier for employers to track employee attendance, employee engagement, workplace productivity, security of assets, and tracking proof for any disputes. Some companies also use email-tracking, GPS tracking, monitoring keystrokes and phone calls, taking screenshots, and strategic placement of surveillance cameras.

A 2018 study by Lockwood collected data from various employers who gave their reasons for adopting employee monitoring strategies. The study further revealed the benefits of employee monitoring in the workplace. However, employees were more receptive of the idea of employee monitoring when the policies were explained to them early on.

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