Ethics & AI: Privacy & the Future of Work

AI is a technology that is revolutionizing how work is done. Automation is making some jobs obsolete while simultaneously creating brand new fields of work and study. This video explores the ethics of developing AI responsibly and fairly while respecting peoples’ privacy and livelihoods.

Amanda Askell – Ethicist at Open AI
Alejandro Carrillo – Roboticist at Farmwise
Deb Raji – the Algorithmic Justice League
Kate Park – PM at Tesla Autopilot
Dr. Regina Barzilay – Professor of CS & AI at MIT
Dr. Mehran Sahami – Professor of CS & AI at Stanford
Deon Nicholas – CEO of Forethought AI
Ananya Karthik – Stanford AI Student

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Produced and Directed by Jael Burrows
Co-produced by Kristin Neibert
Written by Hadi Partovi, Winter Dong and Jael Burrows
Edited by Neal Barenblat
Camera by Bow Jones, Stanford Media Lab, Sand Bay Entertainment, the Clock Factory, and Vic Ferrer