Floating Workspace Concept Is As Futuristic As It Gets


Agnieszka Białek, architectural designer, has proposed a unique twist on traditional workspaces in an effort to accommodate new workplace solutions caused by the pandemic.

The project coined Enclaves on Vistula River aims to help employees who are experiencing remote working fatigue make the return-to-the-workplace transition more seamless — floating on a river.

The design focuses on providing a private workspace that protects the users personal space, which has become increasingly important over the past year.

Each module can be booked hourly and would require users to use a kayak so they can be transported to one of the floating workspaces.

“Modules consist of enclaves that are part of interconnected cells,” said Białek. “An enclave is a private workspace installed on a platform that rests on floats. The whole thing forms a single floating cell. These cells are anchored to the river bed and connected, allowing them to create modular structures on the water surface.”

While the project is still in the conceptual phase, it offers a distinctive approach to the future of the workplace, especially as remote working becomes more of a mainstay.

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