Former WeWork executives Joel Steinhaus and Doug Chambers have launched a new company that will operate on-demand work spots across the country.

Daybase is described as a combination of a centralized workplace and working from home. In essence, it will serve as a place that isn’t necessarily a company’s main headquarters, nor is it a home office space.

“Historically, companies and employees have been limited to the imperfect choice between working from a centralized corporate office or coworking space, and working from home,” said Steinhaus, CEO of Daybase.”But the pandemic has created a demand for a seamless hybrid work experience.”

Steinhaus supported this new model by citing a Harvard Business School study that found 81% of the laptop class are not prepared to return to the pre-pandemic way of working.

While the company has yet to announce any locations, it may set up shop in the suburbs which have seen a spike in demand as people leave the cities and seek to work closer to their homes.

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