#FutureOfWork #ChangeMakers: Joe Ilvento, Chief Learning Officer at Commvault


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Guest: Joe Ilvento, Chief Learning Officer at Commvault

What brings you to the world of Work2.0 or Please tell me your story?

Joe: I am an innovator and entrepreneur. I am a business owner and a consultant. I am a manager and I am an employee. There is nothing better than a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day or project. When people feel they are adding value, using and leveraging their personal skills and abilities, and recognized by the stakeholders who own the work, to me that is success. My experience in the restaurant and franchise business brings a process that is repeatable and can be taught to others. My experience working at Citigroup and learning audiences of 250,000 plus, brings the ability to scale. And my experience as a consultant, brings the importance understanding desired end results. At Commvault when I combine these three variables, you create working, repeatable, cost effective solutions that deliver successful outcomes — for employees, for customers and for the company.

What are your top 3 priorities(regarding the future of work)?

Joe: 1. Genuinely making a connection with employees that includes their strengths, motivations and personal drivers.

2. Creating a means to inventory, capture and objectively assess the skills and strengths people bring to the table.

3. Nurture and develop an ecosystem that maps work to those that have the talent and passion to execute against it effectively. The key to engagement, retention, net-promoter score, and more occurs at the employee-manager relationship. It is not that managers don’t want to build, develop and leverage the strengths of their teams, they may not know how — or have an easy way to help them make these connections.

What keeps you up at night(regarding the future of work)?

Joe: Focus. These days, new technologies and processes all come with an APP or a platform. Each with their own look and feel, navigation tabs, definitions, and reports. Helping workers navigate this maze, leverage the best tools and ideas while maintaining productivity will be critical for the future of work. When you have multiple systems with overlapping features and functions, the employee experience becomes muddled. My fear, and what keeps me up at night from an industry perspective, is that we will reach a tipping point of when the very apps we use to gain productivity work against that end.

What is something people get wrong about the future of work?

Joe: That everything is an app or AI or automated. That the manager-employee relationship goes away. Building and nurturing relationships is the key to long term business success. Yes, an app or AI or some automated system may get me quick answers or help be navigate through short-term process, however it is the relationship overtime that is going to drive engagement and customer satisfaction or better yet delighted internal and external customers. It is the relationship between those that guide or position the work and those that perform it that must not be overlooked.

What is your secret sauce to tackle the future of work challenges?

Joe: As an innovator and entrepreneur in the Human Resources space, the secret sauce of success is to find and then go where you find the energy. In other words, share your ideas and visions and see who around you also is willing and able to see it with you. Partnering with naysayers or those that prefer existing or old ways of doing things will not build innovative or compelling new ways to do business. Start with small successes and build. Identify stakeholders and get them engaged and contribute to the success of the project. See the work as a partnership that allows the stakeholder define success.

What would you say has been your greatest accomplishment in #FutureOfWork?

Joe: We have built an award winning (Chief Learning Officer Magazine Learning Innovation Award, Cornerstone Rave Award, Top 50 Human Resources Award) around simple, repeatable, skills profile and talent management system that scales. It is one thing to talk about it and another to actually show a tool and process that works using off the shelf tools and simple to apply ideas and concepts. When speaking at various conferences and events and I share what we do and how we do it, I see heads in the audiences nodding in agreement and always, always have people come up to me afterwards saying, “this is exactly what we have been trying to do for years.”

Brief Bio:

Joe Ilvento is the Chief Learning Officer and WW Director of Talent Development for Commvault. Working closely with the Global VP of Strategic Human Resources, he supports the leadership and development of Commvault employees worldwide. Joe has built and delivered a comprehensive award-winning learning ecosystem that spans a corporate university, classroom, various virtual and micro e-learning programs, smartphone, text message new hire onboarding, and various career development workshops that drive double digit increases in engagement scores. He is a two-time, CLO Magazine, Learning in Practice, Innovation Award winner, HR Icon Award Nominee, and has been cited in various training and development magazines and podcasts. His talent management contributions are recognized in a Gartner Corporate Executive Board Case Study and he is often asked to speak about his innovative approaches to learning, performance management and onboarding. In May 2019, he was a keynote speaker at the TMA High Potential & Leadership Development Summit in Atlanta. In June, he spoke at Convergence San Diego, attended by over 2,000 HR Professionals where he was also presented with Cornerstone’s HR Transformation Award. More recently, Joe appeared on the cover and was featured in the November issue of Chief Learning Officer magazine and in January received the Top 50 in Human Resources award. Commvault’s Unlocking Potential talent management model is both effective and innovative and includes dynamically created individual development plans and learning paths. Joe willingly shares his knowledge with those that ask to include companies like E*Trade, Boston Consulting Group and Honeywell. Prior to Commvault, Joe was with Citigroup for 12 years where he served as the Director of Learning & Development for Citi’s Global Functions. Prior to that he led the Citi Professional Development Center of Excellence and was an executive coach for Citi’s Business Leadership Programs. Prior to Citi, Joe was a management and training consultant for Fortune 200 companies and government agencies to include the Treasury Department, US Military and CIA. Joe is a Certified Master Trainer and the author of three books, Nobody to Somebody, License to Sell, and License to Serve. He has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Education and e-Education degrees.

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