Join us for an interesting conversation on learning the #FutureOfWork panel series. This session 3 leaders, sat together and shared their journey leading their organization through #Futureofwork and sharing their best practices and insights with us

Andrea Patten, Chief People Officer at MOBĒ
A results-driven Senior Human Resources Executive with over 20 years of experience and a proven track record of managing and developing strategic and pragmatic people solutions to allow businesses to achieve financial and growth expectations.

Kristine Janhunen, Chief People Officer at Generate Capital
Passionately expert in people & team innovations that lead to higher performance & results, operational execution, restructuring, pre- & post-acquisition integration, leveraging functional line-management against business objectives, process design, scaling, cross-functional team leadership, corporate communications, organization strategy, alternative energy, cleantech

Kurt Landon, Founder & CEO at Enspira
Executive and entrepreneur with 26 years of experience in senior business and HR leadership roles spanning various industries and geographies. CEO of Enspira, a boutique HR consulting firm specializing in Performance Management, Talent Strategy & Planning, Engagement & Retention, Diversity & Inclusion, Manager Capability & Effectiveness, and HR Function Transformation & Optimization.

Vishal Kumar, Chief Taoist,
Building crossroads of Human and Technology to help tomorrow’s workforce today. Using the power of AI, Connected learning and collaborative intelligence transform the career growth of the masses. Vishal’s currently server a 200k global community to find their career growth. Besides his love for AI, Vishal is an award-winning chef, and love spending time with his kids teaching them robotics