Henry Cavill Threatening Warner Bros For Superman’s Role

Henry Cavill has just issued a no-holds-barred ultimatum to Warner Bros.

The recent spate of controversy surrounding Henry Cavill and his relationship with Natalie Viscuso had barely begun to settle down, and now the popular Hollywood actor has found himself embroiled within a bigger drama once again. This time, it’s Henry Cavill vs Warner Bros. Let’s see what the scoop is about.


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Henry is most notably known for his performance as Superman. He’s acted in movies of the DCEU franchise, including ‘Man of Steel’, ‘Batman V Superman’ (Martha, anyone?), and both versions of the controversial ‘Justice League’.

His tenure as Superman has seen some pretty dramatic events, for example, while Cavill was filming ‘Mission: Impossible Fallout’ he needed to go back and forth to do re-shoots for ‘Justice League’. What was the issue, you ask? His moustache.

Apparently, Warner Bros. wasn’t very happy with this, and opted to remove Henry’s moustache with CGI in every scene of ‘Justice League’.

Talk about a hairy situation!


Shortly after the Snyder Cut of ‘Justice League’, rumours began floating about Warner Bros’ apparent decision to move in another creative direction and replace Henry as Superman.

It was a speculation that caused an uproar in his fan base. Some believed that the Henry Cavill vs Warner Bros clash could result in a full-blown backlash by fans against the movie studio.

Check out some of the audience reactions to the initial news of Henry’s rumoured exit.


Some of the news regarding Cavill’s reported departure stemmed in part from the joint DC and Warner Bros’ decision earlier in the year to change their direction regarding Superman’s character.

News that was coincidentally (or not) made public on Henry Cavill’s birthday.

To this end, J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot production company were brought in, and they even signed Ta-Nehisi Coates to draft a script around a new version of Superman.

Henry Cavill threatens WB regarding his role as Superman
Henry Cavill threatens WB regarding his role as Superman

In case you followed the news, yes, this was regarding the possibility of DC introducing a Black Superman (Calvin Ellis in the comic books).

It was reportedly looking highly plausible that a Calvin Ellis storyline was set to be in place of the Clark Kent version. This would imply that Henry would most likely be kicked out of the franchise.


It’s no surprise to hear that things haven’t always been cordial between Henry & Warner Bros studio.

What’s surprising is this bit of news.

Apparently, Henry Cavill has un-followed Warner Bros. & DC.  

However, it’s imperative to note that some fans maintain that Henry never followed them in the first place and it was the studio that has elected to un-follow him.

Both versions, however, hint at signs of troubled affairs brewing between the actor and the studio.

It is hence being speculated that Henry Cavill has reportedly given an ultimatum to the Warner Bros studio.

News of these rumours prompted a myriad of response from social media, with some fans believing the studio is waiting for the opportunity to finally relieve him of the franchise.

However, a number of fans continue to speculate that Warner Bros. will reconsider their decision and re-instate Henry Cavill as Superman once again.

It’s curious to note that Henry Cavill isn’t waiting around for an answer. He’s recently signed up for the sequel of Netflix’s popular show ‘Enola HolmesAdditionally, he’s also reported to be a part of the acclaimed ‘Highlander’ series that’s set to be directed by ‘John Wick’ co-director Chad Stahelski.

In regards to his ultimatum to Warner Bros, Henry Cavill has apparently stated that it’s “now or never“. This is curious because reportedly, the actor still has the contract with Warner Bros. wherein he is bound to appear as Superman. However, the studio has been stalling the production of new movies for a while now. This would hint at the possibility that if Cavill doesn’t receive a definite response from the studio soon, he may be inclined to head in a different direction from DCEUs future franchises.

At this point, there is no guarantee that fans will see Henry Cavill reprise his role as Superman again.

However, fans can rest assured that we’ll still be seeing him in plenty of other roles as the actor has no shortage of offers and has been signing up for different movies and shows all this time. 

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