Research from Locatee shows that employee wellbeing will be a top priority for CRE managers in the next five years.

According to the research, 88% of respondents felt that employee wellbeing and satisfaction were crucial factors in nurturing the workplace over the next two years.

Even more, 98% stated they expect their role to change in the next five years, meaning CRE managers need to take more responsibility when dealing with physical and mental health within the workplace.

This means making adjustments to pre-pandemic and current work arrangements. The survey found that 90% of respondents noted their employees had a desire to work more flexibly in the next five years. 

Now, CRE managers are reevaluating their real estate footprints in order to incorporate hybrid work policies into their operations. In fact, 70% of firms stated they are planning on or have already made changes to office design to better accommodate hybrid working.

“The pandemic has caused many businesses to reassess their CRE priorities, and we’re seeing an increased importance placed on employees’ wellbeing and satisfaction,” said Thomas Kessler, CEO and cofounder at Locatee. “This has been driven by skyrocketing demand for flexible working models, and our research shows that European CRE managers are leading the charge in creating spaces which are fit for purpose both physically and mentally.”

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