How Data Will Shape The New Future Of Work


As we begin the next phase of the “new normal”, companies are wondering where the future of work will go from here.

Reliance on technology has never been more essential, and with that comes a change in demand of certain technologies. Moving forward, business decisions will be largely driven by collected data.

Learning how to protect employees and customers has become a priority for most organizations. In attempting to do so, businesses realize the importance of improving their agility, safety and resilience.

Using real-time data to make decisions about how to reconfigure office space and have a better understanding of what employees need will be critical in the next evolution of the workplace.

Additionally, effective planning and execution to boost productivity and optimize revenue will need to be done through automated technology.

If companies are still relying on manual or semi-automated processes, they are at higher risk for error and reduced time efficiency. Data that captures time and productivity will allow companies to develop a deeper insight into what employees need to accomplish their best work.

Collecting data to gain a better understanding of how employees are doing overall will also be essential. Simply asking what hours they are working, how they are feeling and ensuring they are taking the steps to prevent burnout is crucial to a healthy workforce.

This way, management will have a better idea of how employees are working and whether they need guidance to create a better schedule for themselves as they continue to adjust to new ways of operating.

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