Diversity training is designed to increase a person’s cultural awareness and to accept the differences of these cultures both inside and outside the walls of the office. Educating employees on proper behavior within the workplace as well as what type of behavior is acceptable and what would be deemed inappropriate. It also brings awareness to such things as gender discrimination, discrimination against religious beliefs as well as age discrimination. Training in diversity tries to change the views of some glib or ignorant employees who feel that ethics training and diversifying a company is unnecessary.Most places of business hire companies who specialize in diversity training for a large or small scaled business. These courses can range from a one-day brief refresher course, or can last for a little time each day for up to a couple of weeks. Each training company is different so do your research to find the best company that will provide the best training to fit the particular needs of your office. Most trainers will come with hand-outs for everyone to follow along as they do their training, breaking apart each area of diversity and discussing the ins and outs of that particular subject as a whole. A good diversity trainer will get its employees involved in the conversation, asking for examples or doing training and relationship-building techniques to try and bring your unit closer together. Many employees may have particular examples of perhaps how they were victims of discrimination in one way. Be sure to listen to their stories and learn from them to ensure that it never happens again.If your company does not have the budget to allow for a professional diversity trainer to come in to educate your employees, you can have someone in a leadership position within your company to do the training themselves. It is important to be as factual and straight forward as you can, being careful not to sound too judgmental or “preachy”. Get you employees involved in the discussion. Encourage them to ask questions or share stories of diversity that they may have dealt with whether it be in a discriminating manor or as a positive story where diversity triumphed. When your diversity training course is done, most employees would agree that they benefited greatly from the training and have a new found understanding of what is acceptable and what is not.

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