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Companies are jumping on the four-day workweek train as research continues to support the positive impact this work model has on employees and business operations.   

The 4 Day Week Campaign brought on 100 companies to cut their work week down with no loss in pay in an effort to improve the overall employee experience.    

The two largest UK firms that signed up for the program are Atom Bank and marketing company Awin. 

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“Over the course of the last year and a half, we have not only seen a tremendous increase in employee wellness and wellbeing but concurrently, our customer service and relations, as well as talent relations and retention also have benefited,” said Adam Ross, CEO of Awin.   

The organization, which is also leading the largest four-day workweek pilot study, hopes that by making the switch, companies can become more efficient and decrease the risk of burnout.   

In September, 88% of participants said the shorter work week was going “well,” while 95% stated that productivity had either stayed the same or grown. 

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