How OneNote Drastically Improved My Productivity at Work


How OneNote Drastically Improved My Productivity at Work

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I’ve always been a note taker in my college days and so when I started working, I made sure to have my reliable notebook and pen wherever I go – meetings, trainings, you name it!

As I moved up, more notes and more tasks kept piling up.

So, when I was introduced to OneNote, my productivity at work completely changed.

I started out years ago (like 1st version of OneNote) and I would have to say, I’ve never looked back ever since.

Let me show you how it helped me level up my game in the workplace.

1. OneNote is customizeable

One of the reasons why I love using OneNote is that it can be used however you like.

In my trusty notebook, I would have bookmarks for meetings, 1×1’s, Task for the Day, Task for the month and so forth.

OneNote makes it easy to segregate these notes. Here’s how mine looks like :

OneNote, Microsoft OneNote, Productivity, Workplace Productivity, Personal Development,

The tabs on the left are the different categories that I customized based on my work deliverable. Each of the tabs has its own sub category.


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I customize the sub category based on the main Category.

Here’s how I segregate notes:

Daily Grinds – Daily tasks and reminders

Broken down into Months: Each month has a separate sub category page

Champ Tips: Break down the task per day and use the checkbox icon. And once it’s  complete, click the box and it will give a check mark. Use the Star Icon for tasks that are “escalated” so you can distinguish which ones need a lot more attention than other tasks.

Meeting with the team – Includes Meeting Notes and Deliverable specific to a meeting

This portion is broken down per Meeting Title. Take note that this area can get crowded pretty quickly especially if you have multiple meetings.

To avoid this, make sure to have a separate Category for different Meetings. Example – Meeting with Marketing Team, Meeting with Site A, Meeting with Site B.

This is great for sorting through your notes especially if you have challenges recalling the notes in a specific topic.

Champion Tip: Have a consistent template for every meeting page note. This way it will help when you’re coming up with an MOM – Minutes of the Meeting.

OneNote, Microsoft OneNote, Productivity, Workplace Productivity, Personal Development,

Team Engagement Facts:

“Companies with engaged employees see 233% greater customer loyalty and a 26% greater annual increase in revenue” – Aberdeen

Team Engagement is a MUST to survive in the workplace. 




1 on 1 Notes – Includes notes per team member.

It’s important to have regular 1:1’s with your team and note key discussion points.

Organize per name of team member and the month. It’s best to keep 1 page per month so that you can easily go through the notes on each of your team members.

OneNote, Microsoft OneNote, Productivity, Workplace Productivity, Personal Development,

Projects Tab – Includes Notes on All Projects You are Working on

This is where you put details on the projects you are either working by yourself or with your team.

To improve your productivity, you’ll need to outline key components on the project to help you organize your thoughts and progress accordingly.

Champion Tip: Be specific on each of the components of a project. Clearly outline the objective, timeline, team members, budget and the actions.

OneNote, Microsoft OneNote, Productivity, Workplace Productivity, Personal Development,

Interview Notes – Questions and Notes of Interviews Conducted

I use a template whenever I go through an interview so that I keep track on my questions and put in my notes during the interview.

Typically, the recruitment team will ask for feedback and while it’s so easy to say Go/No-GO, I make sure to provide specifics. This way, the recruitment team gets feedback that they can use for the next endorsement of candidates.

Champion Tip: Customize the questions based on the profile of the person you’re going to interview. Review the resume ahead of time so you can tailor fit the questions.

OneNote, Microsoft OneNote, Productivity, Workplace Productivity, Personal Development,
OneNote, Microsoft OneNote, Productivity, Workplace Productivity, Personal Development,

2. OneNote syncs on your phone, OneDrive, SharePoint and Laptop           

This feature is my favorite because it not only makes it so easy to pull up your notes, it makes it accessible anywhere, anytime.

You can be in a business meeting outside of the office or in your office and still have your notes sync flawlessly.

I’ve had situations in the past where I forgot my actual notebook and pen in the car or in the office and felt lost in the meeting.

This will not happen with OneNote. You open your phone and the App will be synced accordingly.


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3. OneNote can be shared with your Teams

OneNote makes it easy for you to share information within your teams.

This helps out more effectively as you work on projects and track progress since all the notes are published and transparent for the team members to see.

OneNote has transformed my work productivity in more ways than I can imagine. I’ve encouraged my teams in the past to use this powerful tool and they too are strong advocates like me.

It makes it easy to sort information and organize tasks, meeting notes and progress notes.

Try out OneNote and see how it can transform your productivity as well.

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