Office marketplace Liquid Space and management platform OfficeRnD have launched their new partnership that aims to provide an all-in-one hybrid workspace solution. 

Hybrid Anywhere will offer users a single platform where they can find workspaces close to them, while business leaders can gain insight into the workplace preferences of their employees.   

“As champions of flexible working we always knew that coworking would play a key role in the future of work,” said Miro Miroslavov, CEO of OfficeRnD.  

“We’re extremely excited to partner with LiquidSpace and bring real optionality to employees’ work lives. Hybrid work is not just about home or the office. The world has so much more to offer than that.”

Demand for flexible arrangements has continued growing as a result of newfound desires from the workplace. Workers are increasingly more likely to be in the office just a few days a week, with the rest of the days working from their place of choice.  

“Employees, employers (and the planet) demand something better than a return to the office commute. Hybrid working is about working from where it works,” said Mark Gilbreath, CEO and founder of LiquidSpace. 

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