How to be a Likable Manager - A Guide to Winning at Work Without Too Much Effort

First Published March 10, 2019/ Updated with new content

Do you have that one colleague that as soon as that person walks into the room, everyone just gravitates towards him/her?

When there is a project, everyone just wants to help her/him out and get the job done?

More than charisma, it’s that likability factor that makes people want to work with a person or not.

Nobody really wants to work with a toxic person at work. If anything, disasters will happen if this is the case.

Being likable is one of the many traits of an effective leader. They use their influence to drive results and in order to do this, the likability factor needs to be high.

Here are career tips that I’ve observed likable managers do flawlessly.

1. They have Stellar Work Ethic

Having a great work ethic does not require effort. This is something you either have or don’t.

This is about doing the right things even when no one is looking and feeling good about it.

Leaders with a great work ethic is manifested in the way they respect people’s time and effort. They do not hesitate to do the right thing because they have high moral standards not only for themselves but for the work that they do.

2. They are Passionate

This is grit. This is that burning feeling inside of each successful team leader that shines through and ripples to the rest of the team.

Likable leaders display passion in everything they do. They drive highly engaged teams that sincerely want to make a difference on their own and for the team.

3. Doing Extra

Likable leaders do not mind doing extra.

They exceed expectations because they take the time to do much more than expected. This leadership attribute gains the respect of the team and motivates the team to do the same.

Doing extra is not a chore for likable employees. This is a way of life for them and this happens flawlessly.

One of the team building activities I had with my team is giving out appreciation notes. My manager went the extra mile and not only wrote a note for every single one of the team members but she also made sure that the message is customized and heartfelt.

This gesture truly made the team feel like a rock star! The appreciation was genuine, sincere and definitely extra.

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4. Being Prepared

This is not just being prepared in meetings and conversations.

This is also about being prepared mentally and emotionally to be there for the team. Likable leaders take the time to be prepared for whatever circumstance that the team will encounter.

This means open to possibilities and actually doing something about it.

This is a likable trait because the team will see the leader’s dedication and commitment. This is being strategic and not acting on impulse.

The team will see maturity and discipline that are key aspects of being a great leader.

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5. Being Coach-able

Likable leaders are not know-it-all’s. They like coaching and being coached.

They appreciate feedback and want to know when they do well or if there are opportunities they need to work on. These leaders know that their way is not always the best solution. They want to be coached for his/her overall improvement.

This means too that egos of likable leaders are always in check. Their mantra is to serve their people and in order to do that, they seek feedback and work on their opportunities genuinely.

Team Engagement Facts:

“Companies with engaged employees see 233% greater customer loyalty and a 26% greater annual increase in revenue” – Aberdeen

Team Engagement is a MUST to survive in the workplace. 




6. Amazing Attitude

Likable leaders have the most amazing attitude. They are positive and is never in the victim-mindset.

They are go-getters and take ownership to the next level.

Their positive attitude ripples to the rest of the team and genuinely makes an effort to build a great environment for the team thereby helping the team become engaged. They make a habit of being positive for their mental well-being and their team’s overall motivation.

The team knows that there will always be challenges and with a leader that has a great attitude, the team’s mindset will be more open to solutions and resolving issues faster.

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7. Proactive

More than being extra, likable leaders are proactive and does not wait for “things to happen” before they do something about a situation or a brewing issue.

They get in front and lead conversations with key stakeholders or team members to understand issues and come up with solutions.

They are self-starters and pull their own weight. They own tasks, are productive and recognize that they also have to do their part to address a situation or make a project successful.

8. Great Energy

Likable leaders have great energy that the team gravitates instantly.

It’s that morning greeting, the tone of voice and that overall look and feel. Leaders with great energy know the importance of their influence and they bring in energy to an otherwise boring office.

These are the leaders that are felt by the whole office and if they are out, it is felt, and they are even missed by the team.

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9. They Always Smile

This is so basic. But it’s what makes leaders more likable.

When you smile, your team will approach you more and won’t even hesitate to make conversation. This requires ZERO effort and will help transform your team to be highly engaged.

10. They are Nice

Likable leaders are nice bosses and they get the job done much better than a toxic boss. This is by no means being a pushover.

Being nice means always being mindful of your choice of words. It’s not putting the team on the spot because you value the relationship more than embarrassing the team.

This means giving a heads up to other departments of potential issues or escalations. This is being mindful of your co-worker’s credibility and that throwing them under the bus is not an option.

This is the kind of leadership that people in the organization will gravitate towards.

There you have it!

These 10 things do not require a lot of effort, but it has maximum return not only for people to like you but build an awesome leadership reputation at work.

Go ahead and try any of these career tips and let us know how it went. 😊


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