Social Media Influencer: Influencer marketing at its core is about developing real relationships to ultimately champion your influencers to market with you.

Skills Required to Become a Social Media Influencer

  • Social influencers must have strong communication skills to engage the audience.
  • They should have to be creative. Audiences get bored very easily, therefore, influencers must be creative.
  • Writing skills are also very important.
  • influencers also require project management skills. They will need to create publishing schedules, track contacts and maintain social media profiles.
  • They must have the ability to learn.
  • Not only that, but they should be flexible enough to cope with any change in social media.

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How To Become A Social Media Influencer?

  • Fitness and exercise science
  • Fashion
  • Music
  • Marketing (social media and Digital Marketing)
  • Cosmetology and Beauty
  • Photography
  • Culinary Arts
  • Theatre Arts
  • Writing (Authors)

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    Salary Structure

    Job Title Annual Median Wage
    Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers $132,620
    Fashion Designers $72,720
    Producers and Directors $71,680
    Writers and Authors $62,170
    Nutritionists $60,370
    Film and Video Editors $58,990
    Music Director and Composers $49,630
    Exercise Physiologists $49,270
    Chefs and Head Cooks $48,460
    Reporters $43,490
    Fitness Trainers $39,820
    Photographers $34,000
    Bakers $26,520
    Cosmetologists $24,830

    Roles and Responsibilities

    • The goal to gain publicity through various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, etc. by creating content.
    • The role of influencer is to develop and execute social media campaigns to reach out to a target audience.
    • Another role is to create appropriate content.
    • Connecting to the brands and target audience across various social media platforms.
    • Publishing content regularly for engaging the audience.
    • Implementing social media strategies for publicity.
    • Tracking records of the followers and maintaining lists of the same.
    • Work according to the latest trends on social media.

    Pros of Social Media Influencing Career

    • influencer as a career is flexible, that is, a person is not bound by a full-time job or fixed location. They can work on different topics.
    • An influencer tries to build a community of like-minded people, All the followers that follows the influencer will have a strong interest in that particular topic.
    • Influencer receives a lot of gifts from different brands, brands gifts influencers so that they can promote about the products in their social media handles.

    Cons of Social Media Influencing Career

    • Being a social media influencer is not that easy, you need to maintain integrity while creating content as there are a lot of who will see that content and for everyone, that content is not helpful.
    • It is difficult to find consistent work as there are a lot of influencers who are working for the same stuff.
    • An influencer is known from his/her community, for that they need to work on creating community.

    Social Media Influencer: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • How many followers do a person need to become an influencer?

    You must need a minimum of 5000 followers with 308 sponsored posts in a year to generate 100000 INR.

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    •  What are the different ways for the influencers to get paid?

    The different ways for the influencers to get paid is by companies, brands, and services. They need to create content, and they will get paid accordingly.

    • Do influencers get paid by Instagram?

    How Instagram pays to influencers are as follows – creating sponsored posts for the brands, become an affiliate, and get a commission in selling brands.

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