India, as country of vast diversity both culturally and
geographically has been an enigma for the West throughout the ages.
People from the west have always wanted to make India Travel one of the
well preferred tourist destinations. India has a lot to offer to the
foreign tourist as it is a land of the exotic. India Travel has charmed
people from all over the world and its allure has always been and will
continue to be enigmatic.

Tours to India have most popular since India has proved to be one of the most favorite places to visit. Tours to India
are available through special packages that are tailor made and
customized to offer the best part of the country on a silver platter.
Foreigners traveling to India are intrigued by the size and character of
the country, the vast expanse of the country spanning the mighty
Himalayas in the North to the placid coastline of South and from the
dense jungles of East to the Commercial hubs in the West. Tours of India
have proved to be an irresistible attraction for tourists all over the
world. Tours of India unravel the mysteries of this ancient country when
people travel to India and they are return back to their home countries
totally enlightened and with fond memories. All the mysteriousness of
the country is removed from their travel to India. Travel to India turns
out to be one of the most fruitful journeys that they have undertaken.

Tours offers a variety of holiday packages that cover almost the entire
country in phases. India, being an immense country cannot be covered in
a single visit. The foreign tourist when takes up a package tour to any
part of the country offered by India Tours is enamored by the hospitality of the people of India who welcome guests as divine.

tourism industry is one of the most significant industries in the
country and has thrived ever since India attained its independence more
than six decades ago. The Government has a separate Tourism Department
which caters to the requirements of the tourists visiting India. The
Tourism Department has geared itself up to provide the maximum comfortFeature Articles,
warmth and hospitality as well as the necessary infrastructure for
amenities even to the travelers traveling on a shoe string budget.