Is This What The Future Job Market Looks Like? | Jason Campbell

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Are you afraid of your skills being declared redundant as new technology emerges and the job market changes? Don’t panic! Jason Campbell explores professions of the future in this video. And talks about some of the job skills that will remain or emerge even as the landscape changes.

Jason also shares how we’ll work collaboratively with machines and artificial intelligence in the future. You don’t want to miss that!

Thinking about the future of employment and future jobs can be scary. There’s some uncertainty tied to it. But once you watch this video, you’ll operate from a place of abundance and understanding. And you’ll learn how to position yourself in the midst of technological expansion.💻

Video timestamp:
[3:17] The top skills that will be needed in 2022.

About Jason Campbell:
✅ Jason Campbell is the Host of Mindvalley’s Superhumans at Work podcast.

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✅ He has gone into deep interviews with the likes of Nir Eyal, Cameron Herold, James Clear, Sam Carpenter, Dr. John Demartini and so many more.

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