IWG has partnered with hospitality brand Leonardo in order to offer a flexible workspace within one of its hotels.

This “hybrid hospitality” concept has transformed 2,000 square meters of hotel space into a flexible office, which will be managed by Regus, IWG’s flexspace brand.

“The hotel industry was already looking at offering a working environment within its venues, and we were already shifting towards the feel of a hospitality brand,” said Annelou de Groot, Development Director of IWG in the Netherlands.

The partnership was inspired by growing demand for flexibility in the workplace and focuses on transforming hotel rooms into office spaces.

“We have combined our business models in a place where the customer can work in a professional and functional manner, with the atmosphere, ambiance and hospitality services that a hotel has to offer,” said Alexander Kluit, managing director of Apollo and Leonardo Hotels Benelux. “A ‘customer’ becomes a ‘guest’ and we turn a workplace into a pleasant environment, where working and meeting are combined.”

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