The modern corporate functions exactly like the nature, with full of fauna and flora in diversity.  The behavioral paradigm of different people in the corporate is what is described to species diversity. These diverse species do interact among themselves in nature and is so similar to people-people interactions in corporate. But interestingly, the major difference between the nature and corporate is that no species except man only act as a parasite on nature and the same man is only representing the species diversity in corporate.

The corporate must study and understand its employees and should not stop its responsibilities to just appraisal of their performance and related activities.  The performance never will be in direct proportion to the knowledge or experience or expertise of a candidate.   The way corporate work & its energy dynamics are very complex and complicated due to the ‘chain’ and ‘web’ type of communication.   The above feature is very pronounced in single owner driven corporate than in MNC’s.

The employee-employee and employee-corporate relationship is the deciding factor of growth and development of the both.  Therefore, the corporate must know the work style and psychodynamics of its employees. 

The two most harmful types of relationship, never a corporate should engage or entertain are ‘symbioses and ‘parasitism’.  Without the employee, corporate cannot survive and vice versa is what defines the former and the later being the employees grow and flourish at the diminishing expense of the corporate.

In biology, the symbiosis and parasitism are very easy to differentiate.  Several scientific methods and tests are there to study and prove the kind of relationship as parasitism or symbiosis.  But such a clear method that is highly scientific and validated is not in existence to help differentiate the ‘employee-corporate’ relation as ‘symbiosis’ or ‘parasitism’. 

Most ‘corporate parasites’ try to reveal the identity of symbionts.  They speak a lot for the organization, cite the years of their association, their closeness with the top management…. etc.  An employee displaying all the above qualities should be taken as the complete and confirmed clinical signs & symptoms of an established parasite. Where else a parasite can go from its host? To remain as ‘parasite’, they speak the language of ‘wolf in love with sheep’.  Such people also go miles to say that they are the ‘symbionts’ not having them, the organization would perish. 

Can they affect the organization so badly?  The answer would be no parasite would affect the host so badly.  But they can certainly affect the quality and morbidity of the host so is such employees to the corporate.  If corporate fail to treat the organization from such pests with right anti-parasitic drugs/pesticidesHealth Fitness Articles, the corporate may succumb to parasitic infestation in near future.