In this video, Courtney Abraham, Chief People Officer at GE Current, discusses some pressing issues on the development of a people centric organization. Along with her personal experience of working for the wellbeing of employees, she shares helpful tips on topics such as learning and development, mentorship, dealing with pandemic, technology and the future of work.

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1:06 Courtney’s journey.
2:59 Courtney’s leadership journey.
9:51 Tips to finding the right mentors at work.
16:01 Tips to become a successful people’s leader.
18:12 Anatomy of a good people’s leader.
21:33 Dealing with the pandemic.
29:11:00 The right balance of technology and today’s work culture.
36:37:00 Learning and development challenges in today’s work culture.
44:22:00 Designing a workplace for the future.
49:32:00 Retraining the workforce with internal training.
58:19:00 Rapid fire
1:04:08 Courtney’s secret to sucess.
1:06:45 Courtney’s favorite reads.
1:09:58 Closing remarks.

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