No organizations are free of issues like how to
increase productivity, and maintain work place enjoyment. This article
addresses the labor component of productivity and how best to motivate
employees to work at high levels.

There are many factors which
affect the productivity like materials quality, people skill, system
& procedures, equipment & tool type, knowledge of worker,
management skill, but the most important factor is attitude of
superior. Appropriate leadership helps create a satisfying work
environment conducive to high productivity.

Unmanaged or destructive behavior of a manager can turn the best job into a miserable one.
Subordinate not only loose their productivity and creativity, sometime loose their workplace engagement as well.

behavior of manager creates an atmosphere of mistrust and fear, and as
a consequence has a negative impact on productivity and also increases
the operational cost.

An employee, who is physically present but
is under performing due to lack of inner commitment or their mental
absence to his or her job, is one of the major cost elements.

What are the ways to cope up with this problem?

simple and most power full ways are understand your subordinate; look
the bright part of your subordinate rather than always finding the

Know their potential, appreciate them on their good work and the most important is “MAKE THEM FEEL”.

Focus on their personal and professional balance.

the freedom to serve others and to create a world of love and
empowerment, this will create an environment of open communication and
throw away fear form the work place and as a result increase the

The successful management of this process is
ultimately the key to survival of any organization. It should be the
concern of and a development goal for all organizational membersFree Reprint Articles,
irrespective of their position.