Nurturing A Distributed Startup: How Leaders Can Create Healthy Company Culture


Tech venture fund Raiven Capital released a white paper that explores what role distributed teams will play in the future of work. 

The Future of Work study compiles both original research and simulations using the firm’s portfolio, identifying the best operational methods for startups in a post-pandemic society  

More specifically, the paper seeks to learn about how collaboration, creativity, innovation, and success can be cultivated in a hybrid environment. 

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“Is work better, worse, or different? How do changes in work impact the creativity of young startups?” said Dr. Romola Porchuk, an organizational psychologist who created the study.  

For those startups that do not clearly define how their work model operates, they risk hurting their culture. 

While it’s always been important to identify and define a company’s cultural values, the pandemic accelerated this need as workers log in from various locations. 

Because it is harder to nurture workplace relationships under a remote or hybrid arrangement, the paper emphasizes the importance of creating roles that specifically focus on defining expectations, analyzing behaviors, improving processes, and more. 

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