PepsiCo has introduced a new plan to reinvent the purpose of the office and provide employees with more flexibility.

The drink giant’s new “Work that Works” plan means the company will no longer have a primary location where work gets done, and corporate employees will decide with their managers when they will work in the office and when they can work remotely.

“There are no limitations. There is no number of days you need to be in the office or a number of days you can be remote,” said Sergio Ezama, chief talent officer and chief human resources officer at PepsiCo.

Prior to the pandemic, Ezama said that workers would request to work remotely up to two days dependent on manager approval. 

Moving forward, employees stated they wanted more choice in their workplace arrangements, which has shaped the policies of the “Work that Works” program.

The policy revolves around the ideas that there is no default work environment, it is up to managers to decide what the best place for work will be, and that the time spent in the office will be focused on creativity and collaboration.

This means that the physical office will look much different, too. Instead of closed offices and assigned seating arrangements, the workspace will feature more collaborative space and open areas.

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