Personal branding is critical in the age of digital. Your brand is no longer limited to your local community and work but is a tool for you to build trust with your colleagues, partners and others you interact with. In today’s world, your brand image precedes your actual interactions and is essential to fostering new opportunities and maintaining current relations. 

“You” as a business

One of tricks to the personal branding mindset is to think of yourself as a “business”. Just as you would plan a branding strategy for your business, apply to yourself. Build your experience and interests, develop your character under the umbrella of “you” as a business. You are not limited by a product or a service. Your loyalty lies directly in your relationships you build on your way and the loyalty of your audience you inspire. 

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The ultimately purpose of personal branding is to be able to influence the behavioural change. An influencer must be able to define the outcome of a campaign with a timestamp place on it. Once the outcome is defined you must find the behavioural change required to achieve the desired results. A regular measurement of the outcome must be put in place using data and metrics. 

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Be a giver

It may be hard to believe but even the world of business people who have the ability to give are the ones thriving in the long run. Those who give while talking to someone understand the person better. In a world where we’re constantly asserting ourselves, one can learn a lot by stepping back and momentarily giving up your power. Giving and taking is part of our nature but having a predominantly giving and generous attitude is a rewarding experience even at work. In time you gain loyalty and respect from the people who have experienced your nature. 

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Social media

It took radio 38 years to reach 50 million people, Television 13 years and Instagram only 18 months. And this is not the end of the digital revolution. In today’s world if you’re not social you’re signing up for failure. Find ways to present great content that is tailor made for your audience on a regular basis. Once this hard work is done then start demanding something back from them. 

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Taking ownership

Most wait till they get famous to start their process of personal branding. Do not wait for that miracle to happen. Take ownership of your personal branding. Prepare yourself, prepare, plan and lay the foundation for your journey of influence. Start with your personal connections, then move to your social ones and find recognition in these associations and then expand your platform of associations. In today’s world, branding is essential to everyone but remember to not compromise your credibility in the process. 

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No matter how great you are or how great one day you’ll become you’ll be known for just one thing. The multitasking pandemic is turning the majority of people into jack of all trades and master of none. Start small, let your revolve around one idea, find success in that and then move to the next idea. REmember, success is built over time through a narrow channel of focus and dedication on one thing. The mastery of this discipline of success has a domino’s effect on other aspects of our life too.

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