A recent FlexJobs poll of over 2,100 people found one-quarter of men feel like their professional skills have been hindered due to the pandemic.

In comparison, only 17% of women feel that their professional skills have suffered and 13% feel that opportunities for a promotion have been impacted

The survey also found that men have had more trouble communicating and collaborating when working remotely than women have. However, both mostly agree that remote work policies could improve gender equality in the workplace.

Additionally, 39% of men said that they faced collaborative challenges compared to 30% of women, and 21% said their relationships with colleagues were difficult to manage.

On the other hand, women were more likely to be challenged by technology, with 30% of women saying this was an issue for them compared to 22% of men.

In-person work arrangements have long benefited men over women. Although remote working has been more ideal for female professionals, more men returning to the office than women has left some worried that they will be overlooked and further widen the gender pay gap.

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