Salesforce Announces “Work From Anywhere” Strategy


Salesforce has announced that over half of its staff will continue working remotely or flexibly after the pandemic is over.

The company’s new “Work From Anywhere” strategy is expected to include over 65% of its staff according to a company survey.

The company’s office itself will be reconfigured to accommodate a more collaborative environment, with breakout areas to focus on connecting workers together.

The company also stated that by adopting this workplace model, it will be able to expand and widen its talent search since workers will no longer be geographically limited.

Currently, Salesforce has over 9,000 employees in the Bay Area and leases over two-thirds of its Salesforce Tower.

It is still uncertain what this means for the future of Salesforce’s office footprint in San Francisco. However, it wouldn’t be shocking to see the firm downsize as many other companies like Old Navy and Pinterest have walked away from their offices in the city over the past year.

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