The 5 Roles of Leadership: Tools & best practices for personable and effective leaders


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the most important handbook for successful leadersthe most important handbook for successful leaders

What can you expect in this book?

Being a leader is a task that crosses boundaries and disciplines. Effective leaders in any industry are able to embody and master each of the five roles that enable great leadership. This book therefore explains these five roles one at a time, each with their own chapter and with detailed examples and exercises to help you become an effective, charismatic leader in every role.

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What’s in it for you?

In your position as a manger, you’re faced with new tasks and challenges every day. Maybe your team isn’t working smoothly, perhaps your clients are unsatisfied or your sales figures are dropping. What if the other members of your team don’t feel sufficiently valued or understood? Perhaps it seems like there’s too much to do and too little time in which to do it. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Inside this book are the insights and the skills that will make these obstacles into a thing of the past! You will learn the best methods for effective communication with clients and employees, as well as how to improve time management and implement productivity techniques for yourself and your team. When you begin executing these classic traits of leadership, you’ll begin to see sales rise, conflict come under control and dynamic, positive change will be effectively managed.




The Leader as a Convincing Communicator

✔ Master professional business language and speaking style

✔ Make more persuasive arguments

✔ Develop a charismatic approach

✔ Use active listening

✔ Effectively communicate your vision

The Leader as an Effective Manager

✔ Master working effectively & efficiently

✔ Employ time management

✔ Maintain your focus

✔ Skillfully prevent distractions

✔ Achieve a positive work-life balance

The Leader as a Team Motivator

✔ Motivate and engage your employees

✔ Delegate tasks effectively

✔ Set a clear direction for your team

✔ Effectively leading groups

✔ Efficiently leading meetings

The Leader as an Empathetic PsychologistThe Leader as an Empathetic Psychologist

The Leader as a Skilled Problem SolverThe Leader as a Skilled Problem Solver

The Leader as an Empathetic Psychologist

✔ Understand the different personality types

✔ Lead with empathy

✔ Handle challenging employees

✔ Implement meaningful employee performance reviews

✔ Pursue effective, inspirational team building

The Leader as a Skilled Problem Solver

✔ Manage conflicts

✔ Drive and manage change

✔ Employ effective problem-solving tools

✔ View problems as opportunities

✔ Remain impartial in disputes

Wladislaw Jachtchenko Wladislaw Jachtchenko

Welcome to my experience and my book

I’m coaching managers like you every week. You, and they, know how difficult it is to be as successful, effective leader for their employees. Each time I present my concept of the 5 Roles of a Leader to a new audience, everyone is able to take away enriching and helpful examples that they can make their own. After years of in-person coaching, the next obvious step was to take that valuable content and pour it into a book so I could offer it to an even wider audience. Now you too can now master the 5 roles and become the most effective and charismatic leader you can be!

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