The Future of Work | What's at Stake?

In this first episode of The #FutureOfWork, Steve Clemons moderates a discussion with Michael Spence and James Manyika as they explore how advancements in automation and artificial intelligence are quickly reaching tipping points, yet our policies, institutions and mindsets are woefully outdated. What will work look like in the future, and how do we secure a future that works for all?

The #FutureOfWork is an INET webinar series that brings together diverse voices to discuss the impact of technology on the economy and society. We host prominent thinkers, policy-makers, and scholars from different backgrounds and countries to present and debate their views.

As technology continues to disrupt industries globally, the nature and future of work will be impacted by decisions and policies being made today. What are the social costs and benefits that technology will bear on economies already transformed by globalization and what are the implications to labor markets and social welfare? Can we get ahead of the next transformational revolution?

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