The Role Of The Office Is Changing


Cushman & Wakefield’s most recent installment of its report trilogy entitled “New Perspectives: From Pandemic to Performance” offers insight into how the past year will continue to impact the future of work arrangements.

The report obtained feedback from 32 owners, occupiers and placemakers to have an understanding of how the purpose of office space is going to change once it is safe for workers to return.

While remote working has been the ideal arrangement for many employees, some have expressed wanting to come back to the office due to the distractions and fatigue of working from home.

The study has indicated that workers will likely continue working remotely at least two days each week. But how in-office and remote working arrangements will be balanced will vary depending on each individual’s role.

With the adoption of a hybrid work model, companies will need to identify how space will be utilized in the future. 

Rather than be a place for employees to come into five days a week for all things work related, it will need to be reconfigured to better support in-person meetings and collaborative sessions.

Additionally, Cushman & Wakefield’s 2020 leasing data was generally down, with short-term renewals making up a bigger portion of deals. This indicates that long-term leases could either be postponed or adjusted to help alleviate risks.

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