Speed networking is a growing trend among business professionals which is adding a punch to the everyday business agenda. Individuals and companies alike are taking advantage of this exploding trend and using it to grow professionally and socially. The concept is very much parallel to speed dating for matching people, making connections and developing relationships for the futures. Many professionals find speed networking as an effective tool for meeting a large volume of people in a short period of time. In any case, the advantages of this type of networking will have professionals choosing this style of communication over internet and online networking.

Listed below are key benefits of speed networking that professionals find attractive for meeting people and developing their social and professional networks.

Benefit #1: The Ice Breaker

Speed networking is the ultimate ice breaker. In the initial meeting, each person is give a minute to describe themselves and their business. It is a great way for strangers to meet with almost no pressure or stress. The model of speed networking allows people to meet and chat for less than five minutes at time and switch over to meet new people. So there is no time for an awkward pause or speechless moment that can cause nervousness to both parties. The short amount of times gives each person a chance to say something fun, interesting and informative to liven up the conversation.

Benefit #2: The Exponential Component

A speed networking session can last from approximately 40 minutes to an hour and a half. Within that time frame, participants can be expect to meet up to 50 potential business contacts. Being in contact with so many people can exponential expand your current network. Even if you do not have similar business or social interests, participants at the event are able to connect you in with their friends, colleagues or clientele and vice versa. At that point, your circle can grow to infinite levels and degrees.

Benefit #3: The Professional Development

Being able to articulate your business, company, profession, product or services in less than one minute will give you a clear advantage over your competition. Speed networking allows professionals to practice and perfect their 30 second elevator pitch. As you continue to repeat your speech and connect with people, you are also able to use the right words to make the right first impression which leads to the right referrals.

Source by Chi Chi Okezie