Chief information officers are expected to play a huge role as the global workforce ponders the return of the office. 

Whether companies decide to bring workers back into the workplace or not, one thing that is certain is that these organizations will need to reevaluate how their offices will be outfitted in the future. That’s where the CIO comes in.

The CIO serves as an IT and business leader, whose expertise can be utilized to have a better understanding of workers’ needs and behaviors. From there, they can apply what is beneficial to both employees and the company’s transition to a more hybrid future.

But what exactly does a CIO need in order to make this shift as seamless as possible?

For starters, they will need to embrace flexibility. While some employees want to work from home now, they may desire the office in the future, or vice versa. Whatever their needs may be, it’s essential for the organization to remain agile in order to help employees find the best work arrangement that suits their needs at any given time.

Additionally, CIOs need to focus on the assumption that many of their team members will be working remotely at least some of the time. With this knowledge, they need to design a digital workplace that makes it easy for employees to log on, collaborate, communicate and be productive no matter where they are.

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