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Hybrid work platform Scoop has relaunched after the pandemic closed down its original business. 

In its early days, Scoop served as an enterprise carpooling company until physical distancing rules effectively outlawed its core business model. Since then, the company has used research to optimize its services and will now offer solutions that support the growing hybrid workforce. 

Along with the relaunch, the company also announced that it has raised $8 million in a Series 1 funding as it positions itself as the perfect solution for hybrid teams. 

“While countless studies have produced tons of data around hybrid work, the findings are broad and general and people and their managers are still left making big decisions in the dark. That’s not hybrid work, that’s guesswork, and frankly, it’s not working,” said Rob Sadow, CEO and cofounder of Scoop. 

“Scoop turns that data into action with a platform built to help optimize the hybrid work ecosystem for everyone, whether that’s a person, a team, an office, or an entire enterprise.” 

One such solution includes its Team Sync product, which serves as an assistant for hybrid teams to keep workers on the same page.  

Companies can also use a similar service called Workplace Sync, which takes various data points and aghlights trends and growing pains to give leaders insight into how policies can be adjusted to better support their staff. 

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