Years ago, Instagram-perfect tiny houses were all the rage, giving young people an affordable housing solution within their reach. While these small living quarters still take up a big portion of Airbnb searches, one company is looking to repurpose the tiny house. 

Find Sanctuary is a startup that provides tiny cabins equipped with everything a remote worker could need for both their work and mental health, including Wi-Fi, office furniture, a “meditation rock” and more.    

With professionals becoming increasingly distributed, Find Sanctuary is seeking to provide an alternative workspace away from cramped cities.   

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“We are targeting overworked, overstimulated city dwellers who enjoy the outdoors but struggle to prioritize and access [it],” said Charlie Hammond, founder of Find Sanctuary. 

Each cabin starts at $400 per night, a pricey option during an era when company leaders are looking towards cost-cutting measures and urging workers to return to the office. However, Hammonds believes that connecting with nature is critical to wellbeing, validating the need for these solutions. 

Next year, the company plans to open 40 tiny cabins across Big Bear, California outside of Los Angeles, and will expand across the New York City and San Francisco regions. 


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