The CRE industry was hard hit by the pandemic. As CRE leaders start thinking about the future, smart workplace tech and integrated people flow management systems have become a point of focus as they think about the return to the office. 

Technology will play a key role in creating safe and productive work environments of the future. One of the challenges CRE owners will need to address is centralizing the tools and services they currently use, especially if they want to start offering flex-space scenarios. Specifically, tech will play a key role in remote registration, touchless check-ins, person presence, and health and safety of tenants. 

CRE experts believe another area of focus is tech integration. A recent survey found that 87% of CRE experts believe only half (or less) of their workplace tech solutions integrate with one another, which could potentially negatively impact tenant experience. In the end, offices that provide the best tenant experience are the ones that use smart technologies. 

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